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new Nether Mob : Piglin Skeleton


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    Joseph Rahner commented
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    I don't think it's entirely needed since the regular skeleton still basically lines up to the them of the nether. Although I did think of something else a piling skeleton trader. It would look like a pigskin skeleton with a little tool belt around. It would be a rare spawn that travels around the nether, and by right clicking the player can trade with them. They are a neutral mob that can attack the player if they need to in which they would either use a golden sword, or crossbow. They would also attract other pigeons, and zombie pigeons when this happens.

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    Th0m4sTasc commented
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    definitely a good idea. like Strays that are basically skeletons that spawn in Ice Biomes the Piglin Skeleton should spawn in the souls sand valley instead of normal skeletons.