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Zombie Pigmen should infect normal Piglins


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    I like this. It would also make more sense as to why piglins run from zombie piglins at the moment.

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    RedSol6419 commented
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    I was thinking of this as well, I think it makes sense because in a way, Piglins are sort of like a nether version of the Player.

    They find / make equipment, they hunt Hoglins for food, they fight Wither Skeletons when they run into them, and seeing as how they have Bastions (currently yet to be added), they may even build on occasion.

    I think having Zombified Piglins infect them would be a great additional detail, and it'd give a reason for why there's so many of them.

    I will say I don't think they necessarily need a reason to be afraid of Zombie Piglins, I mean, wouldn't you be afraid of a real Zombie, even if it didn't go after you? But regardless I think it would be a cool detail, and add to the overall complexity of the Piglins.

    (also please make it so that if a Piglin attacks a Zombie Piglin, the Zombie Piglins don't take that as reason to attack the Player, cause I'm pretty sure that happened to me once, which doesn't really make sense, although it would make the Nether more challenging if that happened occasionally)