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Wither River


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    Doesn't seem quite like a biome, but more complex than a block. We'll move this over to structures. :)

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    Artur Balák commented
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    dont forget that wither skeletons could spawn near them!

    the wither water could work simillary to normal water, but in nether, it could make obsidian with lava, and soul soil (or something like that) with normal water in the owerworld, it can extinguish you when on fire, but giving you wither effect for that

    and, a boat from new nether wood types will give you ability to trawel across it, like with normal water, but normal boat will still give you wither effect. it wouldnt be that useful lilke normal boat, because there will be only rivers of wither water, i dont think that seas would make sence.

    And a wither fishes... Maybe?

    i want this to happen, if it doesnt, its going to be my first mod that i make next year in programming, when we start doing MC mods with JAVA (if i dont forget)

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    Kinda like the river styx from Greek mythology 

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    aslangames commented
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    Great idea, I think this could be fitting for the soul sand valley and have a black texture. Possibly doesn't drown you but gives wither effect while inside it. I don't think obsidian banks is the right idea though. I think it could also make Basalt when it touches Lava source or flow.

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    perscanal commented
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    I love this idea!! But if it's water then you don't think it will work out due to the part where water can't be in the nether (unless you use ice) but still it sounds really great!!