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Ancient zombie pigman


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    I like it. Kind of an Easter egg. 100% perfect suggestion, but may need to be buffed due to drops.

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    Thomas Demo commented
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    When struck by lightning a pig would turn into a Zombie Pigman because It just doesn't make sense for it to turn into a Piglin.... The Piglins resemble the Hoglins and the Pigmen resemble pigs so why would a pig turn into a Piglin. This should stay as it was and like that we get to keep our beloved Pigman. 

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    Maybe make it so you can only attack it with a pickaxe, since it's a fossil. Or maybe it would spawn in place of ancient debris in some chunks? Just, buff it, because ancient debris is op

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    MrD1085277 commented
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    New Zombidfied Piglin is very good, but old Zombie Pigman is classic. Overworld Pig has a normal head. Old Zombie Pigman should still spawns when lightning strikes within 4 blocks of a pig.
    But no with the golden sword.