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Warped forest mob: the spore carrier


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    Mario Guy3 commented
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    I really like this idea, although I think that the falling pores would change the peacefulness of the warped forest right now. Maybe this could be a rare mom and the falling pores only cause about 1-0.5 hearts of damage. Other than that, this mob would be very cool!

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    Brilliant idea! And maybe when shot with an arrow, they puff out a huge amount of spores in a big area around them.

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    A detterance, and a loot would be useful. I like it.

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    Nice idea! A cool idea for a drop would be some kind of membrane that you could craft into a sort of parachute/paraglider to glide across lava and such. It would have few uses to avoid being OP and be more of a last resort item.

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    IcyMOTOGAMING commented
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    Good idea

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    This is intriguing. Maybe they could drop warped wart.

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    Blast Burner commented
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    This would be so cool to see! Minecraft needs more exquisite looking mobs.