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Netherite Beast


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    Sounds great but a little bare bones and hollow, how about a room deep underground in the nether that has a low chance of even spawning but when you find it you can fight the nether beast boss and get a special item?

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    PelihaIp764 commented
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    Making netherite renewable. However, tools and armor (except hoes) won't because diamond is not renewable.

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    Grey Wolf74 commented
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    It seems to give you too little for it’s rarity. I’ve played Minecraft for probably about 6 years and I’ve not once found a zombie or skeleton with diamond armor. So either it should spawn in a little more commonly or the rewards should be boosted from 0-2 netherite scrap to maybe 4-6 netherite ingots. Or maybe even both! I know ancient debris is supposed to be rare, however, it isn’t so rare you’ll only find it as rarely as a zombie with full diamond armor spawning in. Just saying!