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(20w06a) Make Endermen Less Common in Warped Forests


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    Aminton commented
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    That's exactly what I thought. On one hand it'd be way faster to get to the end but on the other hand I saw way too many and not a single zombie pigman. 

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    They should replace them with some equally strong mob instead.

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    Shouvik 06 commented
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    I agree. It's incredibly easy to get ender pearls now to get to The End. Also, warped forests seem to be the most common nether biome now, making Endermen likely the most common mob in the Nether, which makes it kinda boring and too similar to The End.

    I don't think Endermen should even spawn any more commonly in the Nether than they do in the overworld. The warped forests should instead have a different mob, maybe Zombie Pigmen or a new mob. Zombie Pigmen being the primary mob of warped forests could also explain why there are no piglins or hoglins there (since they're scared of them, I think).

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    CivetKitty commented
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    This is a major issue regarding natural game progression and should get more upvotes and attention. Endermen are supposed to be rare so that the end would be harder to each. However, the warped forest is making this process way easier not only because of the increased spawnrate, but also because of the environment. Netherack is way to easy to break compared to stone and end stone, and endermen can't even pick them up. Not only that, there are not terrain destroying mobs like ghasts and creepers in this biome, no 1 or 2 block tall mobs that can reach wherever you can go, and no ranged mobs that can shoot you through tiny holes. All you have to do now is just quickly dig a hole on the wall for less than a second and scan across the forest to lure in the mobs that can't even fit in your hole. This is a major change in speedrunning strategies and should therefore, be changed. Maybe endermites would be the better alternative. Magma cubes could also be a good replacement since they don't have a designated spawn area yet.