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Warped Enderman


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    WorseLeek6553 commented
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    It could be a new variant of enderman, similarly to how there is husks and drowneds for zombies. Along with the eye color you mentioned, it could also have a different texture, with streaks of teal colored corruption along it's body. I love the idea of them being aggressive as well, adding more difficulty to the nether. It's easier to farm for eyes of ender now because the endermen spawn more commonly, but making them aggressive would make up for that.

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    Art Gnat commented
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    I think this is a cool idea, but maybe their teleporting ability gets changed/tweaked somehow due to them being warped.

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    Evan Ellis commented
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    I like it, but I don’t think they should be aggressive. The warped forest is supposed to be more peaceful. They could be even scarier than endermen when aggravated though. You’ve earned my vote!

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    Žan Zamuda commented
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    They should also be resistan to fire and lava (becouse they adapted to the nether otherive why would they be in a biome that can kill them in an instant), be a bit biger and have spikes on the back, also they wouldn't attack you if you look at their face but they would pose a big threath if attacked. They could a casually spit soul fire balls from time to time (the fireballs would be like when a blaze shoots them but blue in color and would do slightly more damage) and when they die they could drop warped pearls which can teleport you and give u small time of fire resistance

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    They should have a warped texture too

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    Catcadev commented
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    What if these endermen can also teleport to hang off of the nether roof?

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    Seria legar ele se multiplicar ao teleportar