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Music Update


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    This could be a small 1.17 Update like Mojang want it.

    There could also be more Noteblock sounds and an opportunity to change how long noteblocks are played.

    If this update really get in Mojang could add a way to "play" music for learning.

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    Bryson Sanger commented
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    Fighting music has already been considered and rejected. I roughly quote C418, "We considered adding fighting music, but most battles only last for a few seconds, and nobody wants to listen to epic battle music for just five seconds." 

    In addition, this would really break up the ambient piece of Minecraft. It would encourage you to get drawn into a fight with every mob you see, which isn't something I specifically think should be discouraged, but I quite prefer to be able to go along peacefully without any nagging. Not everyone spends all their time in survival going out in search of combat.

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    Burger Eater commented
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    Wither theme "The Beginning Of The End"

    Ender dragon theme "The Ender Dragon"

    Guardian theme "Deep, Deep sea"

    Raid theme "The Illagers"