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How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs - spamming lists of animal names is spam and violates our posting guidelines. Be sure to check the Previously Considered Suggestion page (no sharks, MINECON Vote rejected monsters) before you post!


Obsidian back turtles


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    I Hope this gets approved

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    I'd be inclined to suggest that a Turtle Variant in the Nether should be some form of colossal tortoise rather than a sea turtle.

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    Saincx0m9 commented
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    its a good suggestion but the chared scute i think should also have more uses like to make chared scute and steel

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    evalchima commented
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    So, they attack you if you attack their babies?

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    Yes if you attack they're babies they'll hunt down and try to murder you

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    They didn't add Whales cause they're big so I wouldn't think they would add a giant lava tortoise....... actually lava tortoise ain't a bad idea for a new mob for the nether wart forest some one post that idea