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7 Sins type of Mobs in the nether realm in addition of piglin as greed


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    Hori873 commented
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    Interesting idea.


    But does anyone have a suggestion for those 6 other mobs?

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    Hmm. Red Tinted Ghasts that actively pursue the player for Wrath. Vengeful Ghasts?

    Sloth could be a mushroom creature that lurks among the darker areas and has a 3 block detection radius. Could release spore clouds to attack and be bottled up as a replacement for limited Dragon's Breath in making lingering potions. Slothful beings linger around? Eh?

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    OptionalPro commented
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    I really enjoy this concept, hopefully they'll end up doing something with this concept.

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    Adam Sirkis commented
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    • a miniboss "Fat Piglin" to represent Gluttony, spawns rarely in piglin tribes. It can eat piglins near it to regain health and boost it's other stats (I've always seen piglins as some variant of orc)
    • Justins idea of a red ghast to represent Wrath (their fireballs generate lava flow block [not source blocks], or something)
    • some kind of lava mermaid for Lust, similar to a Siren. Their breath attacks cause confusion, and they sit around in the lava or the shores waiting for the player. causes confusion and/or nausea, depending on the attack.
    • an impish-looking small mob that tries to take the spoils of your mining sessions, representing Envy. Incredibly physically weak, but really fast. Doesn't really attack you unless there's a lot of them and you have a lot of loot
    • a passive variant of Magma Cube that stays in-place to represent Sloth. Maybe touching it gives slowness and mining fatigue?
    • a miniboss variant of the wither skeleton that rules over nether fortresses to represent Pride. Not sure what to actually do for this one to make it special, besides give it a crown and cape.
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    igor novelli commented
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    Why not differ races-society of piglins?

    Like Red, blue, black and so on, each one with different behaviour and technological level, some races could have his own structures like villagers and pillagers