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Animal Happiness System


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    Happy animals could make babies on their own! I'd also like to see somewhat of an ecosystem, make the animals feel like living beings instead of walking food.

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    Rossinininini commented
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    Totally agree. Animals should work similarly to villagers with their workstations, having certain conditions like access to water, a shelter to rest in when it rains, hay bales nearby, if there is space in their pens etc.

    Happiness should go down when they get wet, if they don't have enough space for themselves, if they don't have a shelter to rest in at night or if they get repeatedly bred and killed off.

    Maybe you could craft straw bedding out of 2 wheat (like carpets) which happy animals will go over to and rest on so we can mark their beds in shelters etc.

    We should be rewarded for taking care of our animals. The current farming method would still work the same way, it's just in the long run, players who take care of their animals will eventually benefit from them.

    This idea is brilliant and it allows players to take a more peaceful direction to the game.