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Skyblock Sapphire Studio


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    SirFrazor commented
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    I've successfully built the cobblestone generator.

    If you're thinking about buying this pack though, please note that this differs significantly from the original skyblock.  The sand island is different.  The islands here are also supported with bedrock.  Some resources that were in the nether are now in the overworld.  The starting island is not within an ice biome.  And there isn't a list of achievements to obtain that correspond with the original listings.

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    I would like to say that i can't make a new world of this skyblock... I hit create new world and it says "initiating world template" but it never loads it just sends me back to the create a word screen... Please help i really enjoyed you map and my last one got corrupted and I could save it to the cloud... I'm on ps4 if that helps.

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