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What is parity? This category is designed just for features that exist but work one way on one platform, and another way on a different platform. Bugs are not parity! Items in snapshots and betas are subject to change so please be sure to only post about things that are currently released in Minecraft. Please read the intro post before you post!


(Bedrock Parity) Boats made with oars/shovels/spades


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    apple8404 commented
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    I disagree, it should be the other way around. Having to craft a shovel for the oars is nothing but an inconvenience to the player on Bedrock Edition, and the simpler recipe on Java Edition is much more convenient to craft at any given time.

    Heck, I'm pretty sure Java Edition had the Shovel recipe for a brief period of time, but removed it for player convenience not long after.

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    It makes sense. But it also makes boats a pain to craft

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    It has to be the opposite, it makes more sense in Bedrock but it makes you use a lot more wood for something that you'll most likely leave ther