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Whiter Skeletons spawning in The Soul Sand Valley


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    hedpub commented
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    There would be both aesthetic and mechanical benefits to this change:

    • Gameplay: Soul Sand Valleys would become even more dangerous, but more profitable to exploit. Those who seek to summon the Wither have a new, risky place to farm their skulls, and those who don't have a new threat to navigate in addition to the swarming arrows and ghasts, adding a new aspect to the pace of combat.
    • Thematic: The Wither's effigy is built using soul sand, so having its lesser form appear in the most soul sand-dense area in the game would be a nice touch. In addition, allowing such an intimidating monster to spawn in the open would reinforce the biome's menacing atmosphere, making it more intense to explore.
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    EmpyreansEdge commented
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    this!! Wither skeletons would improve the SSV so much, and they match the atmosphere of the biome perfectly. They fit a lot better than the endermen that spawn here. I think endermen should be replaced with the wither skeletons in this biome. More than enough endermen spawn in the warped forest anyway