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Turtles Should "Eat" Sponges


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    Evan Turner commented
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    Sea turtles also eat puffer fish in IRL

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    TheYodaloop commented
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    This makes sense if the turtle is just causing a particle effect when it "eats" the sponge, and I would totally support this! But I don't want turtles in my world to come along and fully destroy my hard-earned sponge blocks. Killing an elder guardian and raiding an Ocean Temple to get a sponge, only to have it destroyed by a turtle, would be absolutely heartbreaking.

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    TravelByTrain commented
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    Yes I plan them only to have particle effects, and maybe the sponge's texture would temporarily change, but no, the sponges would not go away. I emphasized that in the post when I compared it to bees "eating" honey blocks.