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(Character Creator) Add paid custom skin slot


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    Satou3775 commented
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    There is already an option to import custom skin, however, I am supporting your ideas here. If the paid custom skin slot will make that skin available across all bedrock platform, this would be the best ideas.

    In addition, imported skins cannot be customized with the cosmetic options such as "Founder's cape" this is what annoyed me as well.

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    AgentCPU0 commented
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    With the Character Creator, you can have up to 5 slots, but I feel you should be able to purchase more

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    They don’t have custom skins for ps4

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    While I disagree with your way of putting it, I too find it frustrating that if I find a skin I like I can't use it on my preferred version, I really don't even know the reason exactly, but if payment is needed then I think that is a compromise I am willing to make, I doubt that having a server or two with everyone's pngs on it would be too expensive, shoot just letting us add our packs and other things to our store accounts would probably not hurt, you still gotta pay for the cool extra part skins that minecraft sells, but if you want something more personal I think that people would appreciate that.

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    GravityKix commented
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    Accessories on custom skin is what the community wanted, it could ve been a nice feature and i know everyone will love it

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    SapphireO34 commented
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    Dont give them more ideas for microtransactions!