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Minecraft Should Be Pay-To-Play


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    I bought this game years ago and I've been playing it for ages.

    But if they made it pay-to-play I'd drop it like a hot potato.

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    Well... you have to pay to get minecraft, and they have the marketplace and stuff... They have rubies on minecraft earth you can buy, so I think they are making good money.

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    Yomo42 commented
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    This idea is very, very bad.

    Not to mention the game sells and continues to sell copies, generating a continuous source of income.

    I get the concept behind this idea.

    But no. Just no.

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    FlyGuy30000 commented
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    Say they do make this. Now what?

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    lelbot3000 commented
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    But why? Why would you do that?

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    People paid for Minecraft more people would quit