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Super-Sticky Pistons that don't drop blocks


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    "Super Sticky Pistion" Isn't exactly the nicest sounding name. Something like "Honeyed Piston" might work better.

    Although it's a nice concept, I'm not sure if this is necessary. Honey isn't really a stand-in for slime. It's something to be used in addition to slime.

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    Lynnstant commented
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    Jarred Katherl Honey only really became something to be used "in addition to slime" because Mojang folded to the community's demand that honey and slime should ignore each other, though--at least assuming that feature is what you were referring to. As far as piston contraptions are concerned, the only notable difference is that honey blocks are transparent, and can't transfer a signal. (Well, obviously there's also the fact that it carries entities along as well, yes).


    MostLoki1585581 Slime is still bouncy and negates fall damage. There is also the recipe for magma cream, which may actually be easier than trying to find naturally spawning magma cubes. It is also (currently) far easier to craft slime blocks than honey blocks, even if you do need 9 slime balls.

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    I agree, except for the extra sticky part. I just want a normal sticky piston crafted with honey. Maybe with a different texture too.

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