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Save skin library on the Minecraft account, instead of on the machine

under review


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    YungTak commented
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    The team responsible for skins has a lot on their plates currently, but this is not an impossibility given the current design we have so we are reviewing the changes that would be needed for this. Be aware however that this would not be touching on Bedrock skins for Java.

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    I like this because it would also give the possibility of bedrock skins for java. Also, upvote you’re own idea lol.

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    TheBean209 commented
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    I didn't even know it only saved to the machine! Thanks for letting me know, this should definitely be cloud based!

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    Yeah I assumed it did this so lost all of my skins when switching to a new machine.

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    what if im offline but want my skin

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    Xam Ramasus commented
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    would be a lovely idea, don't need to keep finding skins!

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    eap314 commented
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    I lost one of my skins to this. I deleted it and will never get it back. :( I don't care, I already made a new one but still.