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When you are making your redstone suggestions, please note that Java and Bedrock will not have the exact same the same redstone systems - this would require redoing redstone system completely on one platform or the other. The two systems are functionally different and are going to stay that way. Please be sure to tag your suggestions with (Java) or (Bedrock).


Sapling Dispenser


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    How would you harvest the trees. 

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    A r commented
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    With a redstone contraption, i can send logs in a specific area and broke the logs with tnt.
    I have test this contraption already and with only one tnt, i can collect 64 log blocks


    Now the only thing i need is an automated planting system

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    Yes I would love to have this. Also I think if a sapling is above a grass block/podzol it sould have a small chance of replanting itself just before despawning. This could help the deforestation of servers and realms. Also being able to harvest sweetberries with a dispenser and maybe shears or something would be useful.