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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Piglin Burrows


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    Phaytox commented
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    Sounds cool!

    I've thought about a piglin chief mob before as well and think it would be a cool addition to flush out the piglins! Having small camps were piglins live in a semi nomadic lifestyle seems to fit their theme really well.

    Good job.

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    shulker999 commented
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     That’s a cool idea and maybe if you destroy And loot The place then the next time you attack a  Piglin Village  then it will trigger like a  nether raid 

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    I really like the idea of Piglin Warlords leading the other Piglins. The could be a variant of the regular Piglin, wearing black decorated tunics and standing a block taller than their followers. 

    Lore-wise, the Piglin Warlords would be something like the champions of regular Piglins, leading them in their conquests of the Nether. So they could have more health, do more damage and be much rarer, maybe only spawning once or twice per Bastion. They would carry gold swords (enchanted 100% of the time), and shields, being the first mob to do so. Their attack AI could be that they’d hold up their shield, making them temporarily invulnerable to sword damage, and attack with their sword once or twice. Afterwards, they’ll disable their shield and strafe around the player, giving them a chance to attack. Alternating between these two phases, with a random time interval between blocking and strafing, would make fighting a Piglin Warlord much more challenging than a regular Piglin, but not a boss. 

    Besides that, they would act much like regular Piglins, attacking players for stealing or for not wearing gold armour. However, perhaps their player-detection range could be much higher, so it would be harder to steal from them if that's what the player wants to do.

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    En mi opinión debería ser una madriguera o una construcción subterránea algo así como muy improvisado con soportes de Madera o algo así