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(Content Review) Advanced mining pack


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    Lags to much when using the big machines. Can't use them then it's not worth it. Fix or refund

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    Noah Cazares commented
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    Wasn't what i expected and crash most of the time. I wouldn't recommend this.

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    Yeah this is really upsetting and disappointing. I bought it for 990 tokens I believe and loaded up the world to have it just lagging constantly making it unplayable and my friends joining to a white screen. It's an absolute waste of tokens and I'd appreciate a refund if possible .

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    Jpark NV1 commented
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    Crashed a few times, the map that did work, i wasn't able to mine blocks. The diggers aren't very usfull, faster to did regularly. Haven't played it for months, id definitely like to get my money back.

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    Nightraven831 commented
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    This world is awful. It sometimes works for like a couple of minutes but then crashes the game. Then when you reload it you can’t mine anything. The machines aren’t even the best at times. Especially starting out. I would almost prefer to just use my pick axe but it doesn’t let you even place a torch.