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Do not add character creator to Java edition


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    tryashtar commented
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    I'm not saying "I don't like the character creator and don't want to use it."

    I'm saying "the character creator is harmful to the established skin system and it should not be added to the game."

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    TruePapaSmerf commented
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    It's an optional thing. You don't have touse it. Wanna ruin fun for everyone just because you don't like something optional?

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    Hario337 commented
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    I think the main reason why it was added to bedrock in the first place is because some platforms dont have the option to use custom skins, and so have absolutely no way to use them. I personally would have preferred a workaround to implement the existing skin system onto other platforms, but this is a decent way of doing it.

    Also, I dont think theyre planning on it being added to java anyways, since it involves the dreaded microtransactions and would be redundant with all java platforms having a skin system.

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    SealyGaming commented
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    how about a skin creator instead (something simliar to skincraft)