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Post your suggestions for new skins, textures and worlds made by creators for availability in the Marketplace/Store. We cannot assist with purchase issues or bugs. We are not likely to implement Minecoins as an earned currency for Mini-games or an achievement.


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    SupersuMC commented

    I like this idea! At first, I was thinking, "Oh, no! Not our precious Java!" But the way you presented it is quite reasonable. (Though resource packs should be included, as they involve some of the same technical know-how.) Perhaps Data and Structure Packs could be part of it as well? A skin tab showing the top skins of the past month would also be neat, though I'd more appreciate a skin editing tool that's actually up-to-date with all of the skin features. (The Skinplex is stuck in 1.7, while Minershoes and the official skin editor app don't have 1.9's layer opacity option.)

    I support this idea, though I would like to see the above features included.