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Heart of the nether


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    I think that this could be an interesting idea, but I feel it should be more like the nether reactor core. Maybe it could be a block that summons nether mobs that wouldn't spawn normally, like the miniboss you suggested. Considering how the title is "Heart of the nether", I thought it would be a new block. I do think a new miniboss would be cool though, or even a nether-themed boss (I know the Wither is supposed to be nether-themed, but I just don't see it.).

    This could be really cool if Mojang does it right.

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    The Boss is a nether dragon which has 500 health and regenerates when touching magma blocks and when you kill it you get the heart of the nether and a magma egg

    When you hold the heart of the nether in your hand (including the off hand) you move 8 blocks instead of 1 to make it a good kind of transportation and if you put it in an anvil with a book you get the Nether enchantment book which doubles lvls of any enchantment on any armor and any weapon



    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!