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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Abandoned Camps


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    Louis Onidin commented
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    Yes! Just a few logs and chests around a campfire, with the richer ones having cover over the top, or banners. Also, somewhere it's been destroyed and the pillager flag has been hung, signifying a pillager rade destroyed it. Perhaps inside the main chest, there could be a map to wherever the travelers who owned it were going. These maps don't tell you where they lead, some go to villages, other woodland mansions or monuments. 

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    Coll idea dude

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    Some, maybe 5% of them, could have villagers still living in them

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    REDCODE149 commented
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    Their abandoned no one is there and they could have a bunker with villagers in it.