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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Stronghold revamp


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    I agree but 1.15 might be a cave update

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    Sumixodic commented
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    Absolute agree. I think a complete overhaul for strongholds would be best, the endless narrow tunnels and spiral staircases are boring at best an frustrating at worst, not to mention the only real good loot is found in the libraries and attached caves. Seriously stongholds are a joke these days, the cave update better do good on them.

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    New and updated rooms for remastered strongholds idea (just like woodland mansions)

    I made this look like a stone dungeon. strongholds no longer in overworld because too big for overworld not cave dimension

    Throne Room (Orc Boss) (locked room you need 4 keys to enter)

    Torture Chamber (Zombie villagers)

    Dining Room

    Storage Room (treasurer orcs)

    Kitchen (chef orcs) (smoker and barrel)

    Barracks (knight orcs with swords) (cartography table) 

    Stone mason's room (stone mason orcs) (stonecutter)

    Shepherd's room (shepherd orcs) (loom)

    Blacksmith room (blacksmith orcs) (grindstone)

    Fletcher's room (fletcher orcs) (fletching table)

    Armoury (armoured orcs) (blast furnace)

    Tool Room (Hammer orcs) (smithing table)

    (updated rooms)

    Library (Lectern)

    Fountain (normal orcs) (orc bell)

    Portal Room (you need end key to enter the end)


    Water key (found in fishing or defeating elder guardian)

    Nether key (found defeating the wither)

    Villager key (found after the raid)

    Illager key (found when defeating evoker)


    King Orc has 500 health (he shoots poison arrows, attacks you and is harder than wither)


    After Defeating King Orc (it will drop end key to enter the room)

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    More loot

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    traajic commented
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    I agree, and I think the people working on Minecraft are really good at making something much more improved and interesting without making it too complicated (as showcased by 1.16 snapshots.) Definitely something that should come with the cave update (that hopefully comes soon.) I think that the loot tables for the chests need an upgrade and I also think that the entire structure should gain height and size in the tunnels and rooms. I don't think minecraft structures tend to succeed in making something look ominous/ grand (once again, improvements to this in 1.16 snapshot.)

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    This would go really well with the Caves and Cliffs update!

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    The snapshot 21w06a already proved mojang *must* deal with stronghold generation, and it would be interesting to see the structure revamped. I would sugest making stronholds generate on caves that have entrances, and the eyes of ender could point to them instead of the structure... yk... adventure yay

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    Caxxot Maxci commented
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    This should be added in 1.17 so the first part of Caves & Cliffs is less boring. Like make the stronghold loot better and add secret and interesting rooms.