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How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs - spamming lists of animal names is spam and violates our posting guidelines. Be sure to check the Previously Considered Suggestion page (no sharks, MINECON Vote rejected monsters) before you post!




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    Callen94 commented
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    two ideas that I have:

    There should be two kinds of sloths, the three toed sloth and the two toed sloth. The three toed sloth would be always a passive mob and the two toed sloth will be a neutral mob and if attacked you can get a short period of slowness.

    They will drop a very rare item when killed, Claws. Claws would be a hand held object that would let you climb short walls (about 3 blocks at once) 

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    Enchantium commented
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    Another great addition to having sloths would be that over time, sloths will accumulate moss and that can be harvested from their fur using shears. With 9 pieces of moss, you can craft 2 vines. Sloths should also be able to hang off of the player like a backpack and can golf at least one item in their hands. They can’t be tamed, however they can be bred using cocoa beans. I hope to one day see my favourite animal in Minecraft!

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    harry holden commented
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    I like the idea of the hugging onto backs of players

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    harry holden commented
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    I think they should be passive