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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Abandoned Forges


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    Brenda Catt commented
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    Yes good idea

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    FatalAcacia commented
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    Interesting. Please be more specific though.

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    TMS Yetti commented
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    @FatalAcacia thank you and please tell me what I should be more specific on

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    FatalAcacia commented
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    So I was thinking that it shouldn't be just iron, gold could also be an option, and how would it generate? Adjacent to caves, or randomly, like a dungeon? Would some materials be biome specific, and should it generate with both blast and normal furnaces?

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    It could be a rare but huge complex like the woodland mansions (but more abandoned) with smithing tables, blast furnaces, Bluefire furnaces (structures rather than blocks), anvils, barrels of weapon-loot, chests full of material loot, (like ingots and ores) regular furnaces, armor stands, stone cutters, fletching tables, crafting tables, lava pools and artificial lava falls.

    It might also have sleeping rooms and kitchens, or those could be separate but connected structures.