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Underground Aquifers


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    Lijosu commented
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    I was about to make a post for "Waterlogged Dirt" until I realized what I was talking about was an aquifer. First, I'd like to acquaint anybody who doesn't know what this is:

    An aquifer is an underground layer of rock and dirt that is essentially waterlogged. A "perched water table" is a suppository of water deep in the ground where water pools up in the soil. Wells are basically just holes that people make from the surface, to these water tables, so that people can scoop up water and bring it back to the surface.

    I genuinely believe in this idea, which is a shame since very few people will vote for it by virtue of not knowing what an aquifer is. Here are some ideas I'd like to add, to help people get invested in this:

    • This would essentially be underground terrain generation that spawns underground rivers, ponds and lakes, in addition to blocks which essentially act as water sources despite being opaque. (Think waterlogged slabs, except a whole block.)
    • As Pixolshard said, this would add difficulty to mining. There would be areas which you essentially have to dig underwater, but could provide greater rewards or even unique materials.
    • Itd be great for the cave update. IMO, this needs to happen. It ties together past updates (like the water update) beautifully, works well with the addition of axolotls...

    Minecraft isn't known for being realistic, but I think this is a case where inspiration can be taken from real life, and it'll suit the game great.