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(Java Parity) Bell to highlight nearby raid mobs when rung


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    RomaqRosher commented
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    I think the "Glow" effect has to be added first, but yeah... this is a big deal for people playing natural raids.

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    MBilalN1297 commented
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    Small but very important feature!

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    TheWith3r129 commented
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    They would need to finish the render dragon so they can add the glowing effect first

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    Running around forever searching for the last 1 mob remaining...

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    ScaredSaddle commented
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    This would be so useful during raids when the raiders spawn underground. You have to rely on noise the raiders make when they spawn underground, which is annoying and can take a while, but if they glowed at the ring of a bell, you could find them easily, even if they spawned underground.

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    High Hopes5 commented
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    This would be fantastic as it stands i typically have to throw on an x-ray pack to locate them. Especially when they sapwn underground.

    P.s. can we just set something so they cant spawn below y level 63 or something?