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A Fossil Revamp (Fossil Saving) / Ancient Beast Boss


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    DocProc7551 commented
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    (continued) Now, coal naturally replaces some parts of the bone blocks in the fossil. When the player is rebuilding the fossil, in order for it to spawn, they need to replace those coal blocks with bone blocks, either ones the player has crafted, or ones found naturally. *The entire structure/fossil needs to be made of Bone Blocks in order for it to spawn the Ancient Beast*.

    When that is done, the Ancient Beast will spawn. (Or right click the completed fossil with a Totem of Undying?) The Ancient Beast is a massive mob resembling the fossil. There will be different varieties of Ancient Beast. and different skins, for each one.

    As fossils are made of 8 total different set structures (4 skulls and 4 ribcages), there will have to be 16 varieties of Ancient Beast in the game, one for each fossil combination. There can be great creative liberties taken with their designs, and some can be based off of dinosaur-like creatures, or some can be based off of ice age mammals, it’s up to the developers to create these monsters.

    However, they should keep the same AI for simplicity sake. They will all have a single rare item drop, along with some bone blocks.

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    This idea sounds amazing, it would add a ton to the game. I have a few suggestions and tweaks I might add to the idea though.
    1) To make it easier on the developers, we could decrease the amount of possible configurations of the beast. Possibly even just one. As much as I love the idea of multiple different beasts, it’s a bit too much to ask for.
    2) instead of cloning the boss, what if you just had to tap it with a totem of undying? When so has happened, there would be a gigantic explosion, which would clear out a “battlefield” underground.
    3) Once the boss has been slain, it should drop a rare item that doesn’t necessarily have to be useful but could be. The best object I could come up with was a scale. The scale could be used as a shield which had infinite durability.
    Any other ideas for a drop would be cool as well!