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Pauseable realm subscriptions


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    SalukiCorp commented
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    Sounds like a great idea! Pausing fees don't sound very good though - maybe just take some time away from the remaining time on the realm to deal with pausing?

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    the9thlion commented
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    I fall in and out of Minecraft phases—I would love this! I always pay for realms in 6 month intervals because it's cheaper long run but sometimes I burn out 3 months in for example, or get into another game. I only pay for the 3 player realm so it's not that expensive all things considered but being able to pause my subscription, like I can with so many other services, would be godsend.

    Hard no to the pausing fees however, if I pay for a product and decide to not use said product for an extended period of time, Microsoft shouldn't be able to charge me for the privilege of doing so. Especially since Hulu etc don't charge for pausing your subscription.

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    RobhieMattz17 commented
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    Unfortunately this is not gonna happen, because when you pause your realm, your files will remain in the cloud and will take up space.