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Different Dog Breeds that have Different Functions


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    different dog breeds is a good idea it would be fun to have dogs that have different skills they would also be very helpful

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    LordFishon commented

    This would be a great add on for games that can’t have mods to get different dogs

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    Hey I just finished posting the same topic but there's a lot more things I came up with , you should check it out

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    Purrfly5 commented

     Maybe a tamed wolf will turn into a dog (like ocelots and cats used be).

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    Liesyaaa77 commented


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    DocProc64 commented

    I WOULD LOVE THIS SO MUCH. 9 cat skins and 1 dog skin is a little biased for Minecraft currently.
    For breeds I have a few ideas:

    1. Husky- Replaces the current “tamed wolf” skin. Functions the same as the current wolf.

    2. Boxer- The largest dog breed in the game. Has more health due to its large size.

    3. Pug- A lap dog. Chosen because PUGS ARE AWESOME. They cannot attack enemies, however they follow the player closer than most other dogs. They bark at nearby hostile mobs, even Creepers.

    4.Rottweiler- Same size as the Husky, Rottweilers have increased attack, due to their real life origins of hunting and attack dogs.

    5. Golden Retriever- Same size as the Husky, Golden Retrievers attack bird mobs (Chickens and Parrots) due to real life origins.

    6. Sheepdog- Based off the English sheepdog. They do not attack sheep, but they are able to chase, or “herd them” towards the player if any sheep are nearby. This can help if sheep have escaped from a player’s fenced enclosure.

    7. Schnauzer- A large terrier-type dog that was originally bred as a “rat-dog”. Hence, Schnauzers naturally target and attack Rabbits.

    8. Foxhound- Based off the American Foxhound. They naturally target and attack Foxes, and also have a great sense of smell. They can lead the player to nearby structures if fed meat, like Dolphins.

    9. Community Poll like with cats. Winner gets their dog’s breed in the game.

    What do you guys think?

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    It might also be a good idea to give dogs xp as well. It would be nice if the more specific they had, the stronger they would be.

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    Or dogs could spawn  as strays in villages less than cats I still think wolves should be tameable if this happened


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    jacktomli commented

    this would be so fun omg

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    Katie Ward commented

    Yes ! I think that’s a great idea and maybe something like training your dogs with bones to maybe fetch or to go get food for you or something, like get dogs to hold things in their mouths like foxes :)

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    I came here to suggest a very similar idea so I'll put my ideas down here!

    - Dogs would not spawn in the wild, only in villages.

    - Dogs can be bred from wolves, the further down in the generations you go the greater the chance you have to get a dog rather than a wolf OR each generation they get progressively more dog-like. 

    - Dogs have a number of 'commands' you can give to them, such as
    - guarding a specific area (like maybe a 16x16 block area they will stay inside and attack any hostile mobs within that space)
    - Being called from a distance
    - Herding and guarding livestock (maybe with the use of a dog whistle?)

    IMO this would make the wolves a much more valuable asset than what they currently are. 

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    Onix Rivera commented

    I posted something similar to this about different types of wolve packs for different bioms, but literally no one bas seen it :( i have no clue how you guys manage to get the word out

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    AChubbiPuppi commented

    Good Idea! This would help add strategy to survival or even PVP mode

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    familycoyne commented

    How about pugs as one dog bread they can spawn in villages and there is a 50% chance they will be a black pug also you can make them were died leather clothing or armor like llamas you black will give it a suit and tie red will give samurai armor since there from China and so on and they can snort and scare away skeletons

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    I think instead of tracking mobs, one would be lazier and the others would be faster than others.

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    unicornhaze8 commented

    You could give a wolf a different item and that would decide on which breed it it and the different items would also effected its actions

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    Breed suggestions 2/3:

    Pit Bulls: Muscular dogs with high attack power and health, though lacking in speed. They indiscriminately go after any mob except for players, tamed mobs, and creepers (unless the tamed mob attacks them). Even when tamed, Pit Bulls will turn on their owners if hit one too many times. Can be found by taming a wolf with pork, around pillager outposts, or in patrols; if the leader of the latter is killed, then the Pit Bull will become friendly and can be tamed by right-clicking it with an empty hand. Found in nearly any color sans merle.

    Corgis: 1-block sized dogs with decent enough attack power, though lacking in the health department. They herd livestock mobs (cows/mooshrooms, sheep, pigs, and chickens) into fenced areas; if there are no such areas nearby, then they simply round them up into a small area and keep them there. They also attack any non-player/non-tamed mobs who hurt such mobs. They can jump up to 2 and a half blocks, and can go after Phantoms. Pembroke/short-haired variants are found in plains and savanna villages, while Cardigan/long-haired ones are found in tundra and taiga villages. Both can also be obtained by feeding a wolf mutton. Pembrokes can be fawn, red, sable, and black tricolor, while Cardigans come in merle, black and white, sable, and red.

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    Dog breed suggestions (3/3):

    St. Bernards: Gentle giants who are slow, but have above-average attack power and the second-highest health (behind wolf-dogs). They can be outfitted with chests like donkeys. Found in tundra and taiga villages, or can be tamed from wolves with beef. Comes in brown and white, red and white, or rarely off-white.

    Community suggestion: Have the community suggest and vote on a dog breed they'd like to see in-game!

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    Lachlan Story commented


    If there is a dropped item nearby, the labrador will bring it to the player. Runs faster and swims faster than other dogs, but has less attack power. Has the same HP and dogs do now.