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The Blind


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    Suggested by a fun buddy. 

    How did the blind get here? What was their purpose? All of this was uncovered by a minor called Steve. On his daily routine for diamonds, he uncovered a small dark cavern. Slowly creeping in he found a mysterious monster's spawner. On that monster's spawner, was a torch. Intrigued Steve remove that torch. Out spawned a terrible Zombie in the dark room. Steve began to run as the zombie Chased him. More and more the cave began filling up with the blind. Regular zombies began to flee the caves As the blind continue to chase Steve. Then Steve have been cornered by the blind Steve motionless and still, paralyzed in fear crouched down to floor. As the blind began to walk away. Steve left confused stood up and returned home. That night Steve

    began to study the blind, and came out with countermeasures. One move silently. Two Don't use your tools in their presence unless if you're prepared for combat. Three keep a sharp eye out. As for its purpose it's like any other zombie searching for something to be its next main entrée.

                                                                                                  Suggested as a way to excite readers.

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    FunBuddy3000 commented
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    lit toaster96 commented
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    should make it not notice if you swing but only if you break a block or hit something and make you be able to jump too

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    Anything that makes a loud noise will trigger the mob. Jumping, hitting, breaking blocks, placing heavy blocks, swinging of tools, fire, etc..


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    Hey, just a question for the community.
    Should I re-design this mob for the deep dark?
    I'll even work on making a visual aid, or a rough sketch.