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Hostile mobs should try to break your bed


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    DarkComet742 commented
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    Like zombies breaking down doors, I think this should be a difficulty thing. In normal mode, zombies have a <1% chance to have the ability to dismantle beds. In hard mode, this is closer to 10%, and in Hardcore mode (now that beds have another ability than just resetting spawnpoints) zombies have a 100% chance to seek and destroy beds.

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    DeadBush553 commented
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    I feel that, if implemented, should be in hardcore/hard mode. Also it would be associated to the game rule mob greifing.

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    Punkinator71 commented
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    I feel like they should only do it if you are sleeping in the bed at the time (like in a multiplayer game if not everyone is sleeping) to get you out of bed.