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boss vs boss


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    My idea is to make all the bosses collab with each other to make the game more epic than before.More challenging is better.

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    I think mobs in general should be able to damage the Ender Dragon and in the rare event that one does since it is still hard to reach due to its wings, the dragon is able to change aggro like other mobs and even use its acid attacks.  Of course it keeps flying around the main island just as it does with the player.  The dragon will only be aggroed to players on sight however.  The Ender Dragon boss fight I believe is the most fixed part of an otherwise sandbox game and there should be more ways of tackling the challenge.  Maybe an exception could be made with ender mobs in the same way that undead mobs cannot damage the Wither.

    Being able to summon a Wither to help fight for example would still have its drawbacks because you now have two bosses to deal with and the Wither can get distracted with the Endermen or you the player.  Not to mention the end crystals still need to be dealt with.