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Mooblooms in java/bedrock but with some changes


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    RedstoneNoM1X commented
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    Rather than dropping the flowers dye, why not drop the flower itself? 

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    Robotics5 commented
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    RedstoneNoM1X they don't drop the dyes, they can be milked for dyes. But if killed then yes, they should drop a flower or two.

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    Good, but perhaps like how you can milk a Mooshroom for Mushroom Stew, maybe milking a Moobloom should give you Suspicious Stew.

    Also, like the Mooshroom, shearing a Moobloom should turn it into a regular cow and drop 2-4 random flowers (Excluding Wither Rose, and all tall flowers).

    Maybe the Moobloom should have a 0.2% chance to spawn instead of a normal cow, but maybe flower fields have a 1/3 chance of generating with a Moobloom already spawned.

    Upon death, Mooblooms drop their beef and leather, but should also drop 1-3 random dyes as well.