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(Realms) Banning Items


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    I agree with this, but until then there are some simple solutions. Java of course though.

    Maybe a mcfunction that clears the item out of everyones inventory. A command block would work too, but after a certain distance, it wouldn't work. So mcfunction is your best bet until Mojang actually adds filters.

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    Fabiansigala commented
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    Do a command block and make a ticking area for the chunks that they are in and it will be on 24/7 hope this helps

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    Yeah try typing this into a repeat and always active command block:

    clear @a <item>

    Change <item> to a item.

    Like the idea tho!

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    BezaoBuilder commented
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    You could set up a command block system, a repeating command block with the command:

    clear @a itemid

    You would also need to put the command clock in a ticking area, or make a ticking area for that command block.

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    RileyOMG6789 commented
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    There are a limited number of allowable ticks for each world/server. What is really needed is an option to remove items from players at an OP level. Something like remove Pistons and Sticky Pistons or shulker boxes from access to players. Pretty much any item. This way it stops all glitching by removing the ability for players to get a hold of certain items needed for duping.

    Allow OPS to gray out any item in Minecraft. This should not be difficult at all to code in.

    If a player doesn't like it let them leave, allow the rest to enjoy a cheat free environment albeit minus a few items

    We can then make currency/trading systems, prevent griefers, etc... 

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    ThatJadon 26 commented
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    Yes, after that there would be a setting to effect, visitor, member, or operator.
    For example, I could select member and it would do member and below, but not operators.