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Zombie Pigmen Soldiers


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    JP Hayes commented
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    Not a bad idea. It seems a little overcomplicated once you get to the pigman potion stuff. you could just have it so you right click them and have the option to put armor on, have them guard, follow, or wait, and even have a little inventory space so they could be like a backpack you don't actually carry.

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    -I disagree with them being tamable, but maybe as an armored pigman that becomes a hostile mob under certain events. 

    -Pigman being tamable takes away from the players gameplay. In ways where people will rely on the pigman to do all the work. The ddifficulty levels will plummet making it hard to enjoy that one moment you accomplish through skills and effort. 

    -As for the Nether it is still easy with almost no uses. Besides quartz,  blaze rods, and a boss for a star.

    -Pvp it doesn't give flavor, but unfair advantages. Fighting players is by far the hardest thing in Minecraft. Smarter than any Ai... Adding pigman to support you makes a players death inevitable.

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    Well PvP is taken much more seriously on custom servers, so there would be an easy choice to restrict it and reserve a skill-based gameplay. But at times on normal Survival mode where you are obviously outmatched in numbers by players, having a castle guarded by entities that are much more dispensable than Iron Golems would help. This idea is much more centered towards realms, where there are not enough players to enforce large scale battles.

    As well as other aspects of the game, like single-player survival, they can easily be balanced with some nerfs, such as pigmen (tamed or untamed) attacking villagers and animals, forcing you to separate pigmen from other areas like farms, villages, or in some cases, your home.

    Another nerf would be making pigmen unable to survive in the End, punishing players for attempting to make fighting the Ender Dragon easier. How would that work anyways? They are landlocked!

    Please someone take off the excess characters for my post so I can transfer these revisions to the post itself!


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    Redfox205 commented
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    With the new nether update ther would be some conflicting behaviors, but it would be cool to have a mob that xan be made into an army, not consisting of pets, like wolves.
    To nerf them maybe if the can only use leather armor and stone weapons.