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Tags on posts

under review


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    So, basically tags on posts. :)

    It's not something we see coming soon, due to limitations in our current software that would need to be addressed, but we have asked for post tags, and there is interest from the team that would be doing this.

    As such, this does sound like a good discussion could be had for what those secondary categories could be!

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    Good to know!

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    This would make things a lot easier to find! I hope Minecraft can get it in sometime.

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    Something I want is subcategories, so that we can be specific in what are ideas are for, without someone needing to read our post, 

    and so that we can search for certain things better.

    Since you are planning on adding more biomes to the Nether and the End, you should break up the biome category into sub categories (actually this should be done for most of the categories). When you click on a category, it should lead you to a menu with multiple subcategory options. One option should ALWAYS be all, which will give you all the posts in the category, without needing to think about what you are looking for.

    Also, subcategories can be broken up into their own subcategories (or subsubcateglries), and they should also have their own all option.

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    Sub categories for Biomes and Dimension:



    • Overworld:
    1. Ocean
    2. Mountain
    3. Lively
    4. Hot
    5. Cold
    • Overworld Cave:
    1. Hot
    2. Cold
    3. Lively
    • Nether:
    1. Bright
    2. Dark
    • End:
    1. ?
    2. ?