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Experimental MODE [FOR Dedicated servers BEDROCK]


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    Hmmm if they do add this it will be a big deal
    Good luck man

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    It would be great to be able to turn it on in server.properties.

    In the mean time, there are at least two ways to turn on experimental mode (at least in on Windows).

    1. Turn it on in Minecraft for Windows 10, export the world, and import to dedicated server.

    2. Patch the levels.dat file (make backup first). 

    Proceed at your own risk! The below may corrupt your world.

    First find the file


    If you use Notepad++ it will say something like


    [NUL] and [SOH] are each just one special control character. Copy the [SOH] character and replace the [NUL]. Make it look like


    This did the trick for me. Quick, easy, ugly. Patching binary code is really not a good way of developing software, but right now it seems the best way for me.

    Edit: Added server version where the above patch worked.

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    kiewirevo commented
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    @MochaGull957158 this does not let the mods with experimental features work.

    if you export your world with the experimental features turned on it edits the level.dat file the same way you have. but this is not enough for it to work.  

    still looking for a way to add it through the files but still no luck.

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    Agent L Banks commented
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    Absolutely need, I'd love to be able to use add-on packs that add mobs on my server.

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    This is a must for dedicated server owners.

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    Zoruzero commented
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    As I always say, I hope mojang reads these types of ideas to benefit realm owners. We're a smaller demographic of the player base and thus don't get as much recognition. This would be the best thing to ever happen to the Bedrock edition as a whole.

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    I really want it to, right now i make a world on pe and put it in the server and it works.
    Windows keeps every file hidden and i dont like it. My phone is rooted so i can easily access my world on phone.

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    CyberAxe commented
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    How is this not a core basic settings!