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Add a proper command list to Bedrock Dedicated Server how-to


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    nightwork101 commented
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    Yes, the file called "bedrock_server_how_to.html” tell me how to use "save hold,save query" to make a backup of server. But It doesn't teach me how to use the backup. So I get the backup but I don't know how to rewind.

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    TheTrueSoml commented
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    I figured out a manual way to do it.
    In your server folder, there will be a folder labeled "worlds." Inside that folder will be a folder for each "Level" your server started. In my case, I went into the server textfile and told it to name my levels "WK Bedrock" and thus I have a "WK Bedrock" folder in my Worlds folder.

    To create a backup, simply copy that folder to a different location. I added a "Backups" folder to the server's main folder and just pasted it there, and renamed it with a time/date stamp. In order to bring the back up, well, back, simply copy/paste/move the world you want into the "worlds" folder and make sure either the server text file has the EXACT SAME NAME under "level-name" as the folder or you change the folder to have the same name in the text file.

    It's clunky, and completely manual, but it works so far.

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