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(Java Parity) McBe code should be open source


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    Sermah11 commented
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    Not possible bc of marketplace and there are Addons instead of mods.

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    RedGalaxySW commented
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    Open source is not the correct word when it comes to Java edition. Java bytecode is made to be easily decompileable - that means, you can convert a binary program back into Java source code. In fact Java edition is not open source but with reverse-engineering tools you can reproduce the source code of Java edition very well. This is what mod loaders for Java edition do. This does not make Java edition 'open source', it remains 'closed source' as you don't have the original source code.
    Bedrock edition is neither open source, but it is not written in Java and therefore harder to decompile. However, Mojang provides a public API for Bedrock edition, which is actually open source, but this API does not directly expose any of the Bedrock edition code itself, it's just a wrapper around some hidden, closed source code. Hence, there is no parity issue, unless you of course look at the fact that Java edition has no public API :)