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Teleport to Scoreboards


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    I love this idea. It's super similar to my suggestion, too!

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    Would make teleporting to specific locations from different areas around a map easier

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    This has already been implemented in Java Edition by editing an armour stand's position to the target, then teleporting the player to the armour stand. Summon an armour stand with the tag tpHelp, then run the following commands:

    scoreboard players set x tpCoordinates 12
    scoreboard players set y tpCoordinates 23
    scoreboard players set z tpCoordinates 34
    execute store result entity @e[tag=tpHelp] Pos[0] run scoreboard players get x tpCoordinates
    execute store result entity @e[tag=tpHelp] Pos[1] run scoreboard players get y tpCoordinates
    execute store result entity @e[tag=tpHelp] Pos[2] run scoreboard players get z tpCoordinates
    /teleport @p @e[tag=tpHelp]