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(Wiki) we need a minecraft ID chart layout


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    Sangheili11 commented
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    a wiki page won't do, it just doesn't give you options also can't post picture becuase they think i'm uploading a picture of a picture which i'm using quick snip of a picture of the site...
    the problem with this i can't hide elements or i can't hide anything that made out of wood, i can't hide creative only items or i can't see creative only items. Wikipedia doesn't lets you change stuff. this will benefit not just players but also map makers. lets say there making a snow map and they only need wood items and snow items

    click biome > Snowy Tundra for all items on the id list for only items that appear in that biome to appear

    Click > wood and stone for all objects made of wood to appear and stone
    planks, stone. stone /wood button, stone / wood sword, stone / wood stairs
    Boats, rails, sticks, Walls, fences, stone brick...