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Toggling Snow golem/iron golem behaviour


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    Wilmer Chacon commented
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    I like the idea but those option could be:

    Part 1:

    A. Follow, the golem will follow you where you're going and this if you get attacked will or a mob get closer the golem will start to attack.

    B. Defend, the golem will defend any other mob/player that you want it to be protected for a possible attack while is moving,  this one will work in the next way   when you choose defend you'll enter on a menu where the mob/player that you choose by pressing the attack button on the will set it as the objetive to defend also you can selext more than one if you want and when you end there will appear a button that say "sets as objetives to defend". example: protect a horse while youre mining.

    C.Attack, the golem will attack the selected objetive, example an spider is on the distance set attack and the golem will rush the spider, this one will work the same as the defend set with the difference this is to attack any hostile mob an the button will say "sets as objetives to attack". 

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    Wilmer Chacon commented
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    Part 2:

    D.Stop, the golem will stop where you ordered stay but if he get attacked it will fight back and when he ends if he isn't on the stop site he will return to it.

    E.Patrol, the golem will patrol a area selected by yourself and attack any hostile mob that crosses it.
    How this one will work?
    When you choose the patrol option you'll enter on a HUD where with the right click on this mode you will set the soil on a red color meaning that the golem will patrol that way and with this you can make an area like 8x8 or 16x16 but easily it could be lost so if we merge this one with the lodestone as a home point of golems this would fit perfectly. (on the case of iron golems)

    Clearly this options only be avaible if you made the iron/snow golem by yourself if it is a villager one or a wild one you cant apply these orders.

    This would work:

    Bedrock, when you're close to the golem made by yourself these  options will appear. 

    Java, when you're close to the golem press right click to choose the option.

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    SurrealJCOne commented
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    Also it would be nice to TAME one and make it follow you around.