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(Bedrock Parity) Ice Giving Off Light


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    Actually, it's only Blue Ice that gives off light in Bedrock Edition (it has a light level of 4), the other two ice types do not. Blue Ice was added to Bedrock Edition before it came to Java Edition, so it seems like it was always intended to give off light. So I'm not sure why they didn't give it a light level when they added Blue Ice to Java Edition.

    While it isn't really a big deal compared to many of the other parity requests, it just seems strange that this particular thing is different between the two versions. It kind of feels like they just forgot to add it.

    Blue Ice is currently the only block in the game with a light level of 4, so this could open up some new opportunities for Java Edition builders. And while this would have a very minimal impact on gameplay overall, I think it's always good to give the players more options to create interesting environments using lighting, and it would also make ice biomes feel a little bit more special.

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    In the Java version of the game Redstone gives off a gentle aura of usefulness. I find this very useful for machines and would have very cool effects on the machines that they would be built into but of course it’s not in the Bedrock version. Please make it so that Redstone can give off usefulness in the Bedrock version of the game as well. Thank you.