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(Content Request) Official Furniture texture pack


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    Going to get a jump on this ahead of time: Please stay on topic.

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    Moved to proper category.

    Clarified subject to help search results.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    Tyiarra75 commented
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    Furniture for our homes, shops and worlds is something that has we have needed for ages and something that Hytale is promising... Im scared that minecraft will loose a great deal of its people just for the ability to DECORATE our creations properly and not having to rely on waiting for modders to update their programs just so we can get proper table and chairs, benches, kitchens, bathrooms, office spaces, and just little decor items - its the little things in life that matter!

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    I had gotten a texture pack with furniture in it, but I couldn't even find or access the furniture. So yes, Mojang/Microsoft would definitely get a boost up in rep if they released furniture to be crafted and placed in a future update. They can even use the same sitting feature they put in minecarts and on saddled animals so we can sit on our chairs, have tables you can put stuff on, and a wardrobe to decorate your bedroom. Simple things, as Tyiarra75 said, are the things that matter.

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    Tiffany Mull commented
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    I agree with this, you have to create a whole new world. Also when we buy them they are a little misleading.